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What is the your most cherished holiday memory from childhood, and why?

  • Band Aid, "Do They Know It's Christmas".  No, the half of Africa that is Muslim probably doesn't know it's Christmas.  Or they do, but don't care.  Thanks for the food, though.
  • "Baby It's Cold Outside".  How did this ever become a holiday classic?  "What's in this drink?"  "Oh, just gin and tonic and roofies."  "What?"  "Nothing."
  • That butchered version of Pachelbel's Canon with Christmas lyrics stapled into it for some damn reason

I had another post that I was going to add to the ol' El Jay, but I saw this writer's block thing pop up when I logged in, so I felt like responding to this one instead.  I'll save that story for another time, and hopefully it won't be in another three months.  ;)


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Last night we had this little exchange:

*smooch* Sleep.
Oh for @$&F^&!!’s sake.

Repeat until 6.30am, when it's just light enough that I can't convince the ninja that it's still nightime (and therefore sleepytime).  And this is why Kar3n is a bit of a zombie at work today.  Thankfully it's a little slow, so I can prop myself up at my desk and pretend to follow along, but I think I may try to turn in early.  And then be up at 12.30 again to feed the ninja.

I feel a little bad about waking him, but topping him off at 12.30 and having him go right back to sleep is better than letting him wake up on his own and then trying to feed a frantic ninja.  When do they start sleeping through the night again?  >_<

In other ninja news, he's learned to roll over without a push.  He can already curl up and roll onto his side, but today he finally kicked himself over to land on his belly.  Go ninja!  This is the first step in army crawling-- soon you will be able to sneak up on your foes!


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This came out awesome, and I'm typing it here, because I'm absolutely making this again.

Butternut Squash Soup a la ninja:

Three or four shallots. I like these.. they're like a cross between garlic and onion. A gunion. Peel, slice, and saute with a little olive oil. When they're halfway cooked, add two bags of Trader Joe's butternut squash pieces. Keep tossing back and forth.

Ninja's crying? Why is he crying? Shit. What was I thinking trying to cook something during Grumpy Hour? Is he at least hanging on to the pacifier? Arrrrgh.

Add about three cups of water, a bouillon cube and 1.5 tsp of curry powder. Turn down the heat to simmer and go feed the ninja.

About fifteen or twenty minutes later, place the ninja in his crib to snooze. Check the soup, and the fork will poke through the squash easily. Whip out the blender and blend until smooth.

The blender will awaken the ninja, who will not be happy. I did not plan this well. Salt to taste, remove from heat, put the small boy in the Moby wrap and go walk around the block until he falls asleep again.

Return the ninja to his crib. Very quietly, ladle the soup into a bowl and garnish with a blob of sour cream and a green onion.

I'd have taken a picture, but it didn't last that long. NOM.

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Need a fridge? Coleman and I just bought a spiffy new one.

So now we have an old refrigerator to get rid of. Before we go to Craigslist or have the Lowe's guys take it, I thought I'd see if any friends wanted it first. The specs:

- Brand: Whirlpool, via Kirkland. (read: Costco brand)
- Color: Plain white, can be customized with magnets and your favorite artwork
- Outside size: 62.5" tall, 28" wide, 28.5" deep
- Inside size: 17 or 18 cubic feet, I think. It's a good size for one Coleman, or two people that don't eat like Colemans.

It's a pretty basic fridge, with a freezer on top and room for an ice maker. It keeps drinks cold, ice cream frozen, and has never been used to store body parts. If you're interested, or know someone who is, reply here or email at ms.kar3n@gmail.com



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The other day I was musing about whether you can add ice to red wine when it's too freakin' hot. Ice and two-buck Chuck is wretched, so I was trying to figure out what goes into sangria instead.

Here's what I came up with:
- One bottle of Costco-brand red wine (I'm not breaking out the good stuff for this experiment, puh-leez.)
- One lime, sliced
- One healthy squirt of lemon juice
- About a cup of orange juice
(I didn't have any actual lemons or oranges. Oh well.)

Fill a glass half full of this concoction, and fill the rest of the glass with Hansen's soda and lots of ice.

*sip* It's not half bad. *sip* Definitely fruity. Much better than with just ice. I think I'll keep tweaking this. :)


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I realize I'm mostly preaching to the choir in my little corner of the Internet here, but thefreak's posting last night about those teabaggers freaking out about the "Ground Zero mosque" got me thinking. I wonder if anyone has asked them if they would be opposed to a Shinto shrine in Honolulu?  Because there's actually a couple there already. Only a few miles from Pearl Harbor. Commence freakout in 3.. 2.. 1.. Noooo!

Or how about the *two* Episcopal churches mere blocks from Bunker Hill?

Not that it would matter much, since the kind of people that would hassle random strangers would probably just argue that a mosque is somehow "different." Different how? If a Shinto shrine is ok, and a Episcopal church is ok, but the mosque is singled out, then congrats, you're part of the problem.

( I double dog-dare someone to go mount a huge protest the two Episcopal churches. >:) )

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We're back from the grownup doctor today, who checked in on the aftermath of the Labor From Hell.  He says everything seems pretty good, but still no exercise for another month, just walking.  And no lifting anything much heavier than Paddy's car seat.  Humbug to that.  But on the up side, I'm allowed to drive again*, so I'm not completely stuck at home any more.  YES!!  We're goin' on a field trip, kid!

The scar appears to be healing nicely, and it's low enough that only Coleman will ever see it.  Or if it ever is visible, it would be because I'm doing something so scandalous that no one will notice.

Paddy is still doing fabulously.  He even slept through Mom getting a haircut, blowdryer and all, and he's currently sitting in my lap wrapped up like a little Oki-Dog, kicking me in the stitches and staring sleepily into space.  He's working really hard at holding his head up, but he's not quite there yet.  We finally lost the umbilical stump, too.  His new bellybutton is still a little gooey, but once it heals up a little more, we can finally give him a real bath instead of just scrubbing him off with a washcloth. 

I may be a little biased, but he's about the most mellow, sweet-natured babe.. well, ever.  He eats like his dad.  Once he's out, he'll sleep for hours, and he doesn't even fuss too much, unless we forget his pacifier on car rides (sorry kid, Mom sucks).  We've been so lucky that he's such a good kid. 

* as long as I'm not taking the pain meds.  Not gonna be a huge problem, since I don't take it during the day-- sleepy Kar3n is a nonfunctional Kar3n.

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I hate Blue Shield.  Haaaaaaaaate.

I don't blame my doctor's group for breaking up with them.  Blue Shield are a bunch of cheap bastards, and while it's unfortunate, I've been meaning to switch doctors to somewhere closer to home anyway.  As much as I like Cedars, it's a pain to drive over the hill all the time.  But since I'm in the middle of giving birth, I'd like to see my current OB until they say I'm recovered, then I'll switch.  According to the packet of information they sent, this can be done, no problem, just give them a call and they can work it out. 

I explained this to the houseplant they had answering the phones about a month ago.  She told me to wait until August 1st before doing anything about it.  Why?  I said.  If we know what day this is all going down, why not just get everything figured out now?  I think her answer was, and I may be paraphrasing, "Guh."  They promised to call me back after the 1st.  Fair enough. 

Naturally I didn't hear anything, so I called back a week later after July 1.  I talked to a rep that seemed slightly more with it and explained the situation again.  Giving birth soon, want to keep seeing my OB afterward, need the continuation of care forms to make this happen.  No problem at all, she says.  We'll get those in the mail, give it 5-10 days. 

Then I was in the hospital for a week.  When I got home, no forms.  Hm.

When I was on the phone this morning to get Paddy all hooked up with his pediatrician, I asked by the way, where's that continuation of care info that was supposed to be sent?  Oh, says today's chucklehead.  They haven't been sent.  *what*  Excuse me?  That was supposed to be done more than two weeks ago.  Yes, but we'll send them today, and-- And is there a fax number I can send this to?  Because there's no way in hell I'll be able to return them by mail by August 1st, even though I've been trying to arrange this for a month and you fuckers knew there was a deadline. 

Now I get to fill out claim forms for any doctor visits after the 1st.  Thanks for making my life more complicated, Blue Shield.  As if I don't already have enough to do.  Kindly go fuck yourselves.

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I keep trying to type this out so I have an answer for "What the hell happened to you?"  Unfortunately, I keep falling asleep in front of the computer.  Doh.  I'm also typing this out so I can hold it over Paddie's head if he's ever being a brat. 

So, what the hell happened to you?  warning: gory detailsCollapse )

Patrick James Coleman
finally born July 13, 2010 at 1.06pm
8lbs, 10oz, 22" long
STR: 2
DEX: 0
INT:  unk
CON: 10
CHAR: 18

And now the real adventure begins.  :D

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Quick status update, since people are asking: No ninja yet. But things are
happening a little faster now that they..uh..drained the pool. Ow. I'm not
quite to the 123PUSH!! stage, but it seems like we might be finally getting
there. w00t! Ow. w00t!

Thanks for all the updates and texts from everyone; it.s really helped to
make this suck a lot less. Love you all,

-K :)

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